Monday, October 5, 2009

Youth Campaign is a Go

For those of you who don't receive emails from A4A (you should! sign up!), here's what Ann sent out today:

Dear Knitters and Crocheters for Afghanistan,

This is a follow up to our September 26 heads-up notice about the possible youth campaign for kids 7-14 years -- for this winter.

We just got confirmation from Kabul about what items are needed for their youth. This is a go!

(Wouldn't you know it -- we had an email problem getting their response. This can absolutely happen, here and even more so when working in a country without reliable electricity and difficult conditions.)

This is only a short message now because we wanted to let you know ASAP.

As soon as we get a webpage going on our site, we will write again with a link to more detals on what is needed and the due date.

We are supplying Church World Service (CWS) with our wool gifts for *this* winter for their kids.

We are collecting wool blankets and garments (sweaters, vests, socks, mittens, and hats) for youth, ages 7-14 years. You may want to focus on socks (knitters only, please) and mittens given the short timeframe. Hats, too, but we don't want a hugely disproportionate amount of hats, which can happen -- so go easy here. We'll explain more in our detailed webpage soon.

This also means that the due date for the baby blanket campaign for CURE Hospital will move to middle of November. We must first ship the CWS cartons -- as CWS cartons absolutely cannot miss the boat. We have a little more wiggle room for CURE Hospital. If you are working on a baby blanket for CURE -- you may want to consider enlarging the dimensions to suit a child, age 7-14 years, for the CWS campaign.

Even with such short notice, we hope you are game to rally for this youth campaign -- for this winter. We are so glad and grateful that we have this opportunity to pitch in to help these kids be a little more comfortable in the coming cold.

[Please note: Canadians will need to send their packages directly to our AFSC Collection Center in San Francisco. We do no have time to send to in BC at this point.]

Most of your questions will be answered in an upcoming email/webpage update, so you may want to hold questions for now.

Can't tell you how much we appreciative your support. Our volunteers are wonderful!

More soon,
Ann and colleagues

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