Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on 8/18 Yarn Weight Question for Baby Blanket

Hello, I finally finished my baby blanket for the baby blanket campaign. I promised that I'd send you pictures of my final product. I knitted most of the blanket in an alpaca wool/silk blend and the rest in a soft baby wool. The edge is a heavier weight alpaca/silk blend in crochet. Measurement is roughly 55"x45". If it's big enough for the youth campaign then I hope it gets there, if not, I hope it is good for the baby blanket campaign that I originally planned for it to meet. I'm re-posting my original image, because that picture shows the color and texture better than my new pictures. I stitched a chain stitch where I had changed colors in my knitting. I ran out of the brick red and kelly green color, so the tip of my blanket is not green as I originally planned. I hope it will be OK for one of the 2 campaigns.



GenKnit said...
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muchoyarn said...

It is gorgeous, I love that stitch pattern

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