Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So I managed a sweater and 4 pairs of socks for the quickie campaign. Hope we meet our goal! I love seeing everyone's beautiful work!


GenKnit said...
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Reed said...

Very nice Esjay. I'll have to try different colored ribbing and toes.

Thank you, Reed

Nancy said...

I think I have the same turquoise yarn!

Nice job on the socks and sweater.

Barbara in California said...

Love the sweater! What yarn and pattern did you use?

Irishrose51 said...

Wow, you must have been knitting up a storm! Beautiful.

Shirley said...

Love them all but especially the sweater. How long did it take you to knit it?

esjay said...

Hi guys,

The sweater is from Knitting Pure and Simple. I love the pattern and it goes really fast. It's done in the round with no seams. I think it only took me about 4 days.

I might start doing some knitting for "Warm Woolies" because they are always looking for sweaters, and they are my favorite thing to knit.

Thanks for your nice comments. I lap it all up! LOL


Afghan Ann said...

By the way, when Warm Woolies has sent items to Afghanistan, it has been through the afghans for Afghans project. They just sent us a couple of their boxes of sweaters and socks for us to send for our current CWS youth campaign. We don't always have the transit space to include their gifts, but do so when we can.

GenKnit said...
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